macOS Mastodon Client

In this series I'm joined by none other than Gui Rambo to build a Mastodon client for macOS from scratch with SwiftUI.

Length: about 1 hour


1. Starting a Mastodon Client for macOS from Scratch

Subscribers only

Gui Rambo joins us to build a Mastodon Client for macOS using SwiftUI. In this episode we'll show the app we'll be building and then start from a blank slate where we will cover some topics about how a SwiftUI macOS app is set up, how we can define some build settings using xcconfig files, and how to deal with building for different Apple Developer teams.

2. Instance selection UI and transitions

Subscribers only

The first step to use Mastodon is to select your instance. You can browse a public timeline of that instance or you can log into that instance to see your own timeline. In this episode we will create a simple instance selection UI. We'll then use animated transitions to switch to the timeline view. Gui teaches us a new tip about debugging animations.