Episode #374

Using Sketch's iOS Design Library

Series: Designing a Podcast App in Sketch

27 minutes
Published on February 1, 2019

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In this episode I start designing a new Podcast App. I decided to design it in Sketch first so I could define the look & feel, flow, and data required first. In this episode we start by leveraging Sketch's iOS Design Library, then customize them by creating our own symbols. We end up with a custom themed iOS design that uses a tab bar with custom icons.

Episode Links

  • Sketch
  • Sketch Runner (plugin)
  • Icon Jar - A useful database for showing loads of icons. I like having lots of icons ready for whatever project I want to create and IconJar makes it really easy to browse & find them.
  • Refactoring UI Book - This book is about geared toward web design, but the principles reach beyond the web and I found it to be a great read full of useful tips and advice on how to design interfaces. The icons I use in this screencast are from the book package.

This episode uses Sketch 52.6.