Series: Poker Hands Kata

Poker Hands Kata

Ben teams up with Soroush Khanlou to tackle the Poker Hands Kata. A Kata is a form of skill development that is often used in programming in order to practice problem solving. Sometimes this is done in order to learn a new language or technique in order to build proficiency. Ben and Soroush tackle this Kata using Swift, leveraging Swift's features and tests to build a unique solution to the problem.

Length: about 2 hours


1. Poker Hands - Part 1


In this episode I am joined by Soroush Khanlou. Together we pair up to implement the Poker Hands Kata. We start off by parsing the raw string input into structured types, complete with tests.

2. Poker Hands - Part 2

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In this episode I am joined again by Soroush Khanlou. We continue our exploration of the Poker Hands kata, focusing on fleshing out our types. We also begin matching poker hands, leveraging enums with associated types.

3. Poker Hands - Part 3

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In this final episode in the Poker Hands Kata with Soroush Khanlou, we finish off by improving the design of our program, improving our tests, and implementing the remaining features for detecting the more complicated hands.