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Seriously great stuff even for seasoned developers. I’ve learned a good amount from Ben’s videos.

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  • Migrating between versions of your model


    Leveraging SwiftData for Persistence

    In this episode we cover migrating our Swift Data models between incompatible versions using custom and lightweight migration.

  • Querying data with the @Query Macro


    Leveraging SwiftData for Persistence

    In this episode we will provide a searchable interface using the @Query and #Predicate macros. We'll discuss how to use localizedStandardCompare instead of lowercase and other limitations of predicates. We'll also implement a solution for adding dynamic data to the query.

  • Editing Relationships with SwiftData


    Leveraging SwiftData for Persistence

    In this episode we'll create a form to add and edit songs for a given artist. This will lean on the technique we used last time with a small workaround required.

  • Building forms to create and edit models with SwiftData


    Leveraging SwiftData for Persistence

    We learn how to build a form in SwiftData. We cover how to use the .sheet modifier to present a new view for creating or editing artist records. We also cover creating the state for the form, presenting the sheet, and creating the form itself. We also implement a scratch model context to ensure that our changes can be discarded if the user taps the Cancel button.

  • Inserting and Deleting records with the ModelContext


    Leveraging SwiftData for Persistence

    This episode discusses how to work with the ModelContext in a SwiftUI app to insert and delete data. The ModelContext can be accessed through the ModelContainer, which is set up in the environment automatically. The @Query macro is used to retrieve artists from the database and iterate over them. We also implement swipe to delete using the onDelete modifier.

  • The @Model Macro


    Leveraging SwiftData for Persistence

    In this episode we will take a look at the new @Model macro, which we can use to decorate our model classes that we want to persist with SwiftData.

  • SwiftData - The Basics


    Leveraging SwiftData for Persistence

    SwiftData is a replacement for CoreData, built entirely for Swift. It leverages the underpinnings of Core Data, but is much simpler to work with. In this video we will cover the first 3 main types you'll need to understand: ModelConfiguration, ModelContainer, and ModelContext.