Episode #327


Series: Testing iOS Applications

1 minutes
Published on March 8, 2018

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Introduction to the Testing iOS Applications series

In this series we're gonna learn

how to test iOS applications.

Now we can use the framework XCTest to exercise our code

and to prove that it actually works while we're building it.

This can be an invaluable tool to get realtime feedback

from our code and make sure that it actually works

before we actually integrate it into the live application.

It can also give us a really good benefit for making sure

that our application still works

as we make changes down the line.

If we refactor things, we add new features,

we wanna make sure we don't break old things.

As we expand to more devices and more features

and the project grows, having a good, reliable set of tests

can be an invaluable asset to your project.

Unfortunately, testing is not really that commonplace

in iOS community, in part because the tooling

is not quite as good as some other platforms

and also in part because testing requires patience

and diligence and discipline and practice.

And sometimes it can be difficult to even get started.

Where do I get started writing applications using tests?

How do I test my code?

How do I write my code in a way that it's testable?

Sometimes it can be a little bit daunting

to figure out even how to get started.

So in this series we're gonna take a look at how

to test iOS applications from the ground up.

We're gonna start with just the basic building blocks

of writing tests and test design and test style.

And then we're gonna talk about building a real application

and the parts of the application

that we can actually test easily.