Episode #272

Handling the Photo Transition

Series: Refactoring to Coordinators

8 minutes
Published on May 19, 2017

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This episode wraps up the refactoring series by implementing the transition to the PhotosViewController. Ben and Soroush talk about the overall process and benefits of coordinators as a pattern to clean up view controllers and organize logic around how your app is stitched together.

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Adding the Photos Transition

The first step is to remove the segue. Then we can add a new method to our RestaurantViewControllerDelegate protocol to be called when the user taps on the photos cell:

protocol RestaurantViewControllerDelegate : class {
    func addReviewTapped(_ vc: RestaurantViewController)
    func photosTapped(_ vc: RestaurantViewController)

We need to call this when the user taps on that cell, but that was previously done by the storyboard directly. We need to handle this action manually now:

    override func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, didSelectRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) {
        if indexPath.section == Sections.info.rawValue && indexPath.row == 1 {
        } else {
            // nada

Add Conformance to AppCoordinator

We added a method to the protocol, so we need to update our coordinator to implement this method.

func photosTapped(_ vc: RestaurantViewController) {
    let photosVC = PhotosViewController.makeFromStoryboard()
    photosVC.restaurantID = vc.restaurantID
    navigationController.pushViewController(photosVC, animated: true)

This episode uses Ios 10.3, Xcode 8.3.