NSOperation Basics

Episode #175 | 17 minutes | published on June 26, 2015
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In this episode we take a look at the basics of NSOperation, NSOperationQueue, starting from block operations and moving to custom NSOperation subclasses. We'll also see why it's important to make your operations thread safe.

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Creating an operation queue

 let operationQueue = NSOperationQueue()
 operationQueue.maxConcurrentOperationCount = 1  // makes this a serial queue

 operationQueue.suspended = true // use this if you don't want to automatically execute operations as they are added.

Adding a block operation

 let operation = NSBlockOperation(block: {
 operation.completionBlock = {
    println("Done executing")

Creating an operation subclass

class FreeSpaceOperation : NSOperation {
    var fileSystemAttributes: NSDictionary?
    var error: NSError?

    let path: String

    init(path: String) {
        self.path = path

    override func main() {
        let fileManager = NSFileManager.defaultManager()

        for i in reverse(1...5) {
            if cancelled {

            println("Sleeping \(i)...")

        if cancelled {

        let attribs = fileManager.attributesOfFileSystemForPath(path, error: &error)
        println("attribs for \(path): \(attribs)")

        self.fileSystemAttributes = attribs
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