Road Trip DJ - Part 12

Episode #167 | 13 minutes | published on April 30, 2015
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In this episode I do some deep auto-layout constraint debugging with Reveal, and discuss how to make our header resize based on the device we're running on.

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Activating Reveal with Breakpoints

I am really uneasy about changing project settings to enable Reveal, as it is not advisable to ship with the framework linked. Because of this, I prefer the breakpoint-lldb magic command documented on their integration guide.

The short of it is this:

  • Create a Symbolic Breakpoint
  • set the Symbol Name to UIApplicationMain
  • Check Add Action, set to Debugger command
  • Type in expr (Class)NSClassFromString(@"IBARevealLoader") == nil ? (void *)dlopen("/Applications/", 0x2) : ((void*)0)
  • Check Automatically continue after evaulating

Then you just toggle the breakpoint when you want Reveal to be activated. Woot!

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