Episode #156

Road Trip DJ Part 1

Series: Road Trip DJ

10 minutes
Published on February 13, 2015
In this episode we start building an app from scratch called Road Trip DJ. The idea is the build a playlist of music on the fly while it is playing. This is an app I've wanted to build for a while and it serves as a good, small app we can build from start to finish.

Episode Links

  • Source Code
  • Using a Launch Screen Storyboard - A great post that covers leveling up from XIBs to a Storyboard for your launch image. Also covers where to find the cached launch images for the simulator.
  • SimPholders 2 - A handy (free) menu bar app that can jump you straight to the location on disk where a given iOS app exists in a given iOS Simulator.
  • Gitignore.io - A useful site that can generate a sensible .gitignore file for you so you don't check in user-specific files into git.