Series: Setting up a New Mac for Development

Setting up a New Mac for Development

What do you install when you get a new machine? In this series you will see how Ben sets up a new machine to do iOS and Ruby development.

Length: about 1 hour


1. System Preferences


In this episode we look at some of the basic system preferences on macOS High Sierra. We set up the Dock, Keyboard shortcuts, and show how to customize key repeat timing outside of the preferences window.

2. Setting Up the Terminal


In this episode we will setup iTerm2, profiles, custom color schemes, and fonts.

3. Setting Up Dotfiles

Subscribers only

In this episode, we set up our dotfiles to customize aspects of bash, git, vim, and other terminal programs that are core to a good terminal experience.

4. Setting Up iTerm Keyboard Behavior

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In this episode we configure iTerm’s keyboard behavior to match macOS to allow for quick jumping between words in the terminal.

5. Setting Up Git and SSH

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In this episode we configure git to identify our commits, set up a diffing & merging tool, and configure SSH so we can log into other machines securely.

6. Setting Up a Ruby Development Environment

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In this episode we install homebrew, a popular package manager. We use it to install Macvim and ruby. We also setup Postgres with Postgresapp.

7. Setting up Xcode

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In this episode we setup our Xcode preferences and themes.

8. Migrating to ZSH

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The new default shell in macOS Catalina is zsh. If you're like me and have been using Bash for years, this is probably a good time to make the switch. In this episode I will go over installing zsh, adding a little configuration as well as some of the features it has over bash. I'll also install oh-my-zsh and customize my prompt using Powerline fonts. Finally I'll import some well-used Bash aliases and functions that I've used for years.