Episode #492

Localization 101

Series: Localizing Your App

4 minutes
Published on July 1, 2021

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In this episode we will define what Localization is and why you should localize your apps.


What is Localization?

First, what is Localization? What does that mean? For App Developers, Localization means making sure that your source code does not contain any static localized representation of strings and data. Instead, these concepts are outsourced to strings files or the system's components that are based around the user's locale.

Why is this important?

  • Global audience = more customers

This one should be pretty obvious! The more locales you support, the wider your audience becomes.

  • Sometimes required by law or contractual obligation

If you work for (or contract for) a government you may be required to support the dominant languages in the region. For example, in Houston where I live I might be required to support English, Spanish, Chinese, and possibly Vietnamese.

  • Respect for your users

Let's be honest. Not everyone speaks English. Not everyone wants to use an app that isn't in their primary language. We seek great UX for our users, and language and region accommodations show respect for your users.

This goes beyond just language.