Episode #128

Swift Networking

15 minutes
Published on July 17, 2014

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In this episode we take a look at the NSURLSession API from a Swift perspective. We create a class to fetch JSON from an API, and along the way see lazy properties and type aliases.

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Simple Networking Example

import Foundation

class Downloader {
  let url: NSURL
  lazy var config = NSURLSessionConfiguration.defaultSessionConfiguration()
  lazy var session: NSURLSession = NSURLSession(configuration: self.config)
  var running = false

  typealias JSONArrayCompletion = (Array<AnyObject>?) -> ()

  init(_ url: String) {
    self.url = NSURL(string: url)

  func downloadJson(completion: JSONArrayCompletion) {
    let task = session.dataTaskWithURL(url) {
      (let data, let response, let error) in
        if let httpResponse = response as? NSHTTPURLResponse {
          println("got some data")
          switch(httpResponse.statusCode) {
            case 200:
              println("got a 200")
              self.parseJson(data, completion: completion)

              println("Got an HTTP \(httpResponse.statusCode)")
        } else {
          println("I don't know how to handle non-http responses")

        self.running = false

    running = true

  func parseJson(data: NSData, completion: JSONArrayCompletion) {

let downloader = Downloader("https://www.nsscreencast.com/api/episodes.json")
downloader.downloadJson() {
  (let jsonResponse) in
    println("Received \(jsonResponse)")

while downloader.running {