TDD View Controllers with Specta and OCMock

Episode #82 | 16 minutes | published on August 29, 2013
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In this episode I cover test driving a UIViewController using Specta and OCMock. We'll first talk about how to verify that your storyboard is wired up correctly with all outlets & actions and then talk about how to isolate the view controller from other dependencies using mock objects.

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Testing Outlets

describe(@"ViewController", ^{
    __block ViewController *_vc;
        UIStoryboard *mainStoryboard = [UIStoryboard storyboardWithName:@"MainStoryboard" bundle:nil];
        UINavigationController *nav = [mainStoryboard instantiateInitialViewController];
        _vc = (ViewController *)[nav visibleViewController];

        UIView *view = _vc.view;

    it(@"should be instantiated from the storyboard", ^{
        expect(_vc).to.beInstanceOf([ViewController class]);

    it(@"should have an outlet for the username field", ^{

    it(@"should have an outlet for the password field", ^{


Testing Actions

    it(@"should wire up the login button action", ^{
        UIButton *button = _vc.loginButton;
        NSArray *actions = [button actionsForTarget:_vc forControlEvent:UIControlEventTouchUpInside];

Mocking other dependencies

    describe(@"logging in", ^{
        // vc => login service
        it(@"should verify username & password with the login service", ^{
            id mockLoginService = [OCMockObject mockForClass:[LoginService class]];
            [[mockLoginService expect] verifyUsername:@"user1"
                                           completion:[OCMArg any]];

            _vc.loginService = mockLoginService;
            _vc.usernameTextField.text = @"user1";
            _vc.passwordTextField.text = @"password1";

            [_vc loginTapped:nil];

            // assert
            [mockLoginService verify];
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