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URL Schemes

Episode #117 | 10 minutes | published on 05/01/2014
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In this episode I cover how you can expose your app's functionality through URL schemes. Inter-app communication is something that iOS is somewhat lacking in, but URL schemes can enable some handy integration scenarios.


Episode #116 | 16 minutes | published on 04/24/2014
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In this episode we go over a handy little model framework called Mantle. With Mantle we can easily get support for NSCoding, NSCopying, and JSON serialization for our model objects.

Submitting to the App Store

Episode #115 | 12 minutes | published on 04/17/2014
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In this episode I walk through the process of submitting GiggleTouch to the App Store. Starting with setting the app up to take posed screenshots, requesting certificates, provisioning profiles, and more.

Playing Sounds with Sprite Kit

Episode #114 | 16 minutes | published on 04/10/2014
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In this episode we add looping background music to the game using AVFoundation and AVAudioPlayer. We then add sound effects using Sprite Kit's SKAction. In order to reduce lag, we preload the audio files so that they play instantaneously. We also implement rate limiting to avoid sound effect overload using SAMRateLimit.

Giggletouch - Part 2

Episode #113 | 15 minutes | published on 04/03/2014
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In this episode we continue on building GiggleTouch. This time we improve our random number functions, add a "giggler" node with SKSequence and test on a real device to see what kind of frame rate we get.


Episode #112 | 31 minutes | published on 03/20/2014
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In this episode I start recreating an old app for toddlers called Giggletouch. In the video I use SpriteKit to render shapes that are subsequently rotated, scaled, and faded. The shapes are drawn with Sketch and random colors are applied to the shape at runtime.

Xcode 5.1

Episode #111 | 6 minutes | published on 03/13/2014
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In this episode we take a look at a couple of new features in Xcode 5.1. The first is creating your own Quick Look representations for custom objects, which can be quite a handy feature for visualizing data (such as images, locations, and paths). The second is a new Autolayout constraint in Interface Builder called "Aspect Ratio" which can further help describe your intent when laying out views with Autolayout.

Swipe to Reveal Redux

Episode #110 | 12 minutes | published on 03/06/2014
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In this episode we fix the problem of a scroll view blocking touches to a UITableViewCell by forwarding touch events from the scroll view and onto a delegate, which manages the cell's highlighted state properly.


Episode #109 | 21 minutes | published on 02/27/2014
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In this episode we add Core Data to our Weight Tracker application, but we lean on a new library called MDMCoreData to set up our Core Data stack for us. Using MDMCoreData we can get a sensible parent/child context set up where the main context is a child of the parent writer context. We also leverage a handy class that dovetails with NSFetchedResultsController to display records in a UITableView.

Unwinding Segues

Episode #108 | 8 minutes | published on 02/20/2014
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UIStoryboards can help visualize your screen flow and even describe how to transition between view controllers using segues. In this episode I'll show you how you can take advantage of built-in support to unwind segues to back to where you came from. I'll show the automatic way as well as how to manually unwind a segue.

Swipe to Reveal Cells

Episode #107 | 16 minutes | published on 02/13/2014
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In this episode I customize UITableViewCell to provide swipe to reveal behavior, similar to Mail.app. We use UIScrollView's delegate methods to ensure that we never land mid-way through the swipe, raise notifications to make sure only one cell is open at a time, and we use a help app called Reveal to assist us in visualizing the view hierarchy.

UITableViewCell Swipe Action

Episode #106 | 11 minutes | published on 02/06/2014
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In this episode I cover how to extend UITableViewCells to provide a swipe action, marking an item as read or unread. Combined with a nifty little progress animation, this adds functionality to your table view cells without requiring extra buttons or action sheets.

Strong versus Copy

Episode #105 | 9 minutes | published on 01/30/2014
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In this episode we examine the difference between strong and copy semantics for properties, and why you'd favor copy for types such as NSString and NSArray.


Episode #104 | 16 minutes | published on 01/23/2014
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In this episode we tackle how to implement an ever increasing trend in iOS 7 app design: blur. We start by doing it the "easy" way using UIToolbar, then move on to a more custom and flexible approach using our own blurred image.

Refactoring View Controllers - Part 2

Episode #103 | 23 minutes | published on 01/16/2014
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In this episode we wrap up our refactoring of a complex view controller, this time introducing a model, factoring out a new data source class, and more.

Refactoring View Controllers

Episode #102 | 33 minutes | published on 01/09/2014
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In this episode I take a fairly simple application with a single view controller and examine how we can refactor it into more discrete parts.


Episode #101 | 9 minutes | published on 01/02/2014
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In this episode we look at a powerful built-in Foundation class called NSPredicate. With predicates we can easily filter large collections of data based on values contained in the collection.

Particle Systems

Episode #100 | 20 minutes | published on 12/19/2013
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In our special 100th episode I dive into a fun little class called CAEmitterLayer. Using this class we can create cool particle effects such as fire, water, smoke, clouds, or a fountain of stars.

Parsing and Formatting Dates

Episode #99 | 14 minutes | published on 12/12/2013
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In this episode we cover a basic but fundamentally important topic: dealing with dates & times. Particularly when dealing with an API, dates can arrive in all shapes and sizes. We'll examine some of the common ones, talk about how to parse these formats into NSDate instances, and how to use NSDateFormatter to display them back again as a string.

Camera Capture

Episode #98 | 21 minutes | published on 12/05/2013
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In this episode we grab image data live from the camera on an iPhone 5. We discuss inputs and outputs, image formats, and finally (you guessed it) put a mustache live on each face in the video frame using the face detection techniques demonstrated in Episode 96.