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TDD View Controllers Part 2

Episode #83 | 18 minutes | published on 09/05/2013
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We continue our TDD exercise, building a view controller one test at a time using Specta and OCMock. This time we introduce the alert view behavior for invalid logins, performing a segue for valid logins, and capturing arguments passed to mocks in order to affect the system, all in tests.

TDD View Controllers with Specta and OCMock

Episode #82 | 16 minutes | published on 08/29/2013
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In this episode I cover test driving a UIViewController using Specta and OCMock. We'll first talk about how to verify that your storyboard is wired up correctly with all outlets & actions and then talk about how to isolate the view controller from other dependencies using mock objects.

TDD Money Part 2

Episode #78 | 41 minutes | published on 08/01/2013
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In part 2 we continue our Money example. We start by adding the ability to add 2 Moneys of the same currency, then extract the concept of Expressions in order to defer conversion until the very end.

TDD Money with Specta and Expecta

Episode #77 | 35 minutes | published on 07/25/2013
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In this episode I walk through Kent Beck's Money example from his book, Test Driven Development by example. We'll start off by setting up to use Specta & Expecta for our tests, and then drive out an implementation test-first. We'll see opportunities for refactoring and use our tests to guide us.