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TableView Customization

Episode #205 | 17 minutes | published on 01/22/2016
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In this episode I take a stock UITableView and UINavigationController and customize their appearance to match a design for a Starcraft II companion app. We'll leverage Swift enums to capture colors & fonts so we can reuse them in multiple places. We will also utilize the UIAppearance API to style all instances of a UINavigationBar, and get rid of UITableViewCell's default separator indentation.

More TableView Customization

Episode #206 | 18 minutes | published on 01/28/2016
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In this episode we continue with our Starcraft II Guide application, this time focusing on using a table view to edit a model. We leverage a cell with a text field, a cell to select data from another view controller, and a section that is only editable/reorderable with itself.