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Let's Build Activity++ - Part 4

Episode #226 | 12 minutes | published on 07/01/2016
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In this episode we examine the scrolling performance of our activity ring views. We see that framerate suffers when scrolling quickly, then apply a few changes to bring scrolling performance back to 60 frames per second.

Let's Build Activity++ - Part 3

Episode #225 | 10 minutes | published on 06/23/2016
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This week we take our ring views and use them to create a collection view of rings, one for each day in an entire year.

Custom Dragging with UICollectionView

Episode #215 | 24 minutes | published on 04/01/2016
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In this episode we add a custom drag behavior to reorder collection view cells. UICollectionViewController gives us some of this behavior, but to add transforms, shadows, and animation we'll have to implement our own.