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Intro to Text Kit

Episode #207 | 12 minutes | published on 02/11/2016
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In this episode Sam Soffes walks us through the basic components of TextKit, a framework that allows complete control over the text layout and rendering system on iOS and OS X. TextKit is a complex topic, but with it brings a lot of power. This episode will cover the basics that we can build upon in future episodes.

Text Attachments

Episode #217 | 18 minutes | published on 04/14/2016
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In this episode Sam shows us how to mix rich content such as images into a text view. Using Text attachments we can flow text around an image, select the image and delete or replace it, and more. Sam shows how to respond to layout changes and some advice on performance. Text Attachments are not for the faint of heart!

Indenting Text with Text Kit

Episode #211 | 18 minutes | published on 03/03/2016
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Sam joins us again to cover how to change text layout dynamically as you type. He will implement a feature common in Markdown editors where typing dash followed by a space indents the list. In the process you'll learn about more of the Text Kit API. If you've ever wondered what type of work goes into building a text editor, this episode is for you!

Cool Text Effects - Part 2

Episode #210 | 12 minutes | published on 02/25/2016
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Continuing on from last time, we take our glyph layers and apply Core Animation, providing for some interesting effects including animating the stroke of each glyph path and applying a typing effect with transforms.

Cool Text Effects

Episode #209 | 21 minutes | published on 02/19/2016
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In this episode we dive deeper into the text system, leveraging CoreText to compute exact metrics about each glyph in a string. We can use this information to do interesting things with text. There's a lot of code in this one, but you'll learn the basic foundations of text, how CoreText works, and how to extract metrics and paths from your rendered text. We'll use this in a future episode to implement some interesting effects!

Syntax Highlighting with TextKit

Episode #208 | 17 minutes | published on 02/18/2016
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In this episode Sam Soffes joins us again to show how to implement some rudimentary syntax highlighting of text while you type using TextKit. This builds on the concepts we learned in episode 207, so start there first!