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Swift Web Frameworks

Episode #216 | 19 minutes | published on 04/07/2016
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Running Swift on Linux is intriguing because it allows us to create web applications with Swift and host them on an inexpensive Linux VPS. In this episode we'll use Vagrant to create an Ubuntu virtual machine, install a working version of the Swift development snapshot, and write a tiny web application, complete with routing, parameter extraction, template rendering with Stencil, and JSON parsing. You'll learn about Swift Build, specifying version dependencies, and where to look for the source code.

Swift on Linux

Episode #214 | 16 minutes | published on 03/28/2016
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In this episode we talk a look at the cool new world of open source Swift! We'll use vagrant to spin up a Linux virtual machine, then install the latest Swift development snapshot and talk about running the Swift REPL and compiling programs on Linux. Using the latest development snapshot is not without its troubles, however, so you'll see how best to report bugs and/or look for workarounds. Enjoy!