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JSON API Client - Part 2

Episode #204 | 21 minutes | published on 01/14/2016
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In this episode we start writing an application-specific API Client. We use Argo to decode our JSON response into an Episode model, including some nested object decoding, date formatting, and wrap it up by testing the implementation to make sure it works.


Episode #203 | 32 minutes | published on 01/07/2016
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In this episode I start creating a reusable api client that will make it a lot easier to consume a JSON api and convert the response into model objects. It uses Argo for the JSON parsing, and leverages Swift features to provide a rich callback for the API calls.

Swift JSON

Episode #129 | 13 minutes | published on 07/24/2014
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Parsing JSON (which provides no contracts or type guarantees) can be difficult and tedious in Swift. Many of the problems you are forced to deal with were easier to ignore in Objective-C, but that doesn't mean they weren't present. In this episode we'll take a look at a very manual approach to mapping from a JSON response to a Swift type.

Mantle with Core Data Part 2

Episode #121 | 16 minutes | published on 05/29/2014
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In this episode we continue with our mantle example, this time binding the code to the UI. This involves mapping back to our mantle model for display on the cell, as well as responding to changes using the NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate protocol.


Episode #116 | 16 minutes | published on 04/24/2014
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In this episode we go over a handy little model framework called Mantle. With Mantle we can easily get support for NSCoding, NSCopying, and JSON serialization for our model objects.

Swift JSON Redux Part 2

Episode #131 | 10 minutes | published on 08/07/2014
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In this episode we wrap up our JSON parsing exploration in Swift by extending the decoding to work with arrays. Doing so cleans up the extraction code significantly.