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Shared Web Credentials

Episode #231 | 15 minutes | published on 08/11/2016
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In this episode we implement shared web credentials with a server, allowing users to automatically enter credentials in our app if they've already done so in Safari. We cover building a Sinatra app for our server, deployment to Heroku for free SSL and a unique domain, and adding the appropriate entitlements to our app.

Easy Auth - Part 1

Episode #220 | 20 minutes | published on 05/12/2016
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Typing a username and password on the Apple TV is cumbersome and annoying. For the NSScreencast TV app, I decided to implement a code-based authentication where you can easily log in on another device, type in the code, and have the device be logged in automatically. In this episode we'll go over how to implement this, starting with the server. This episode is done entirely in Ruby using the Sinatra web application framework, but the technique is applicable to any server side technology (including Swift!).

Easy Auth - Part 2

Episode #221 | 13 minutes | published on 05/19/2016
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This time we take a look at how to improve security by not transmitting the user's auth token directly. Instead, we'll leverage HMAC SHA1 hashing with the provided client id. Doing this makes the response not directly useful. The client needs to use the client id and the agreed upon hashing algorithm to arrive at the common auth token.

Easy Auth - Part 3

Episode #222 | 23 minutes | published on 05/27/2016
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In this episode we wrap up the Easy Auth series building the tvOS application to use our API. We'll create an authentication client and discuss how to pass around a set of values to and from the API, as well as polling for status.